STORY: The Pen is Mightier Than the Sorcerer Who is a Turtle

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Short Stories


Written by:  My Brother

There once was a rabbit and monkey who were very good friends.

They lived in England and had lots of fun and stuff.

One time they roamed very far and then realized that they needed to rush home for Christmas.

They were most of the way back when they happened upon a lake.

As they were deciding how to get across the lake, a hunky sorcerer who was a turtle appeared and tried to stop them for some unknown reason.

The monkey took out a pen and threw it at the sorcerer who was a turtle while the rabbit sat upon a rock and watched.

The pen exploded ink all over the well toned abdomen of the sorcerer who was a  turtle and he started to cry before vanishing into the sky.

The rabbit and the monkey then walked around the lake and got home just in time.

Also, they saw a Christmas tree by the lake and Big Ben was close by and there was a big star in the sky.


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