COUNTERSTORY: The Sweet Sorcerer Who is a Turtle and the False-Assuming Friends

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Short Stories


 Written by Nahreen Tarzi

There once was a sweet sorcerer who was a turtle.  He lived in the woods, away from civilization, and was the Keeper of Peace for all wildlife.

One day, the sweet sorcerer who was a turtle was walking through the forest, on his way to visit his wise wizard owl friend. They were going to have tea and reminisce over all the magical battles they’ve had and all the innocent folk they saved over the years.

On his way over, the turtle saw a rabbit and a monkey standing next to the Lake of the Dead, an ancient lake full of evil alligators that eat even when they’re not hungry.

The alligators would not dare attack the sweet sorcerer turtle because they knew the potency of his power, but the rabbit and the monkey were just normal powerless animals, who looked really lost.

The sweet sorcerer turtle teleported over there to reach them as fast as possible and warn them about the alligators, so he could get them away from the lake.

However, as soon as the turtle appeared in front of the monkey and the rabbit, the two friends assumed that the sweet sorcerer turtle was evil and that he was trying to stop them for malevolent reasons.

The monkey took out a pen that he just happened to have, and threw it at the turtle. The pen exploded and drenched the turtle in ink, covering his ripped abdomen.

Unfortunately, ink was the one thing that made the sweet sorcerer turtle weak.  It burned his flesh, like when you put alcohol in a deep cut, but worse.

The sweet sorcerer turtle began crying in pain, and vanished into the sky, seeking refuge in the moon, whose moon dust could cure his wounds.  He sent word to the owl that he would be late for tea time.

The alligators saw this, and feared the creatures who wounded the all-powerful sorcerer turtle.  They dare not attempt to eat them.

The rabbit and the monkey walked around the lake, undisturbed, not realizing the danger they just evaded, and the innocent soul they just wounded.  The sweet sorcerer turtle wiped his tears and said to his friend the moon, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

The End

  1. Zboat says:

    I smell a series. The Adventures of Turtle & Owl: Sorcerer Wizards

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