DREAM: Wizards, Lava, and Stabbing People

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Dreams

A group of friends/co-workers and I were going to watch a live show in this lava cave.  It was like the cave of wonders from Aladdin, after all the lava erupted.

Our comedy producer was leading us. When we got there, we found out that she was a wizard (yes, female, but still called a wizard) and was being trained by Gandalf.  He was her mentor (lucky!).  This was her last assignment, and if she succeeded, she would become a full-fledged, all-powerful wizard.  Gandalf gave her some pointers, then left.  This would be a very dangerous quest – and we were all along for the ride.

Our “seats” were on this long, moving rock.  It swung slowly across the lava, as the live show went on.  Our comedy producer-wizard performed some spells and we were almost done, but the last part of the spell involved us all.  To complete the spell, we each had to stab someone in the lower back.

This one puny British guy somehow landed on our rock.  He was terrified and wanted to leave.  We told him if he wanted to get off this rock and go home, he needed to cooperate.  He finally agreed.

We had the British guy and few more people get on all fours, and I went first.  I stabbed my dagger  (don’t know where I got it) into the small of his back.  He screamed in pain and freaked out.  The others stabbed their pupils, and they grimaced in pain, but they dealt with it and didn’t freak out like the sissy British guy.

The wounds quickly healed, and our comedy producer told us to do it one more time.  I calmed the British guy down, then stabbed him again in the same spot.  He freaked out again and started throwing a fit, arguing with our comedy producer.  He hated me and thought I was doing it on purpose, to be malicious.

We had to switch places, and let others now stab us.  This would complete everything for the spell.  The lava was getting worse – splashing everywhere and growing higher.  Our rock was very close to being submerged in it.

We switched places, and I saw British guy coming for me.  He wanted to stab ME only.  I told him it was for the spell – I wasn’t trying to hurt him, but save him, and that he must stab me in the back only.  But it was no use.  He already lost it and was just trying to stab me anywhere.

Our comedy producer came over and pushed the British guy away to save me.  She told me to just stab myself, then decided to do it herself.  I got on all fours, while others came and held down the British guy.

She raised the dagger, about to stab me, and I closed my eyes to brace myself for the pain.  I was the last one who needed to be stabbed to complete the spell and save us all, and make our comedy producer the High Wizard.

The dagger came down.  Then I woke up.


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