12 Signs You’ve Been Unemployed Too Long

Posted: June 19, 2012 in x Miscellaneous

1. You now watch shows like “The Bachelorette.”

2. You know every crevice of your room like the back of your hand.

3. The number of jobs you’ve applied to is higher than the number of Facebook friends you have.

4. You sing strange songs to inanimate objects in your room on instruments you don’t know how to play.

5. You actually have time to write.  And you do it a lot.

6. There is nothing left at home to clean out or organize.

7. You’ve read more than two books this year.

8. Getting up before 11am is considered getting up early.

9. You’ve seen your friends lately.

10. You applied to grad school.

11. You have separation anxiety from your laptop.

12. You make a list of signs you’ve been unemployed too long.

  1. Andrew Zuber says:

    I thought #2 said that you know every cervix and I found that to be an interesting use of ones time.

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