DREAM: Lucille Ball and Baby

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Dreams

Don’t remember all the details.  Lucille Ball and Desai Arnez had a new-born baby.  They were staying in a hotel.  Staying in the room next to them was Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, and that other dude from “The Breakfast Club” that also looks like them.  They were annoyed because the baby kept crying and making noise.

The next day, Lucille Ball went to church, and had to take the baby with her because she had nowhere else to put it.  So she went inside the church, and suddenly I was Lucille Ball holding the baby.  I went into a church pew, and who was sitting there but Charlie, Emilio, and Breakfast Club dude.

As soon as they saw me and the baby, they dogged me in annoyance.  The baby started fussing and crying a little, and the Sheen pack eyed me.  I did my best to soothe the baby, but it was taking awhile.  The Sheen pack was not happy.  This was getting stressful.

Then I woke up.  THE NEXT DAY I SAW EMILIO ESTEVEZ ON THE WB LOT!! He looked at me, and almost stared at me in a weird way, like he KNEW!!! AH!


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