POEM: Dark and Stormy Night

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Poems

Twas a dark and stormy night

and  all through the town,

not a creature was sturring.

They were all party bound.

The men at the club

were styled with care,

in hopes that Amanda Holm

soon would be there.

As the door flung open,

they all looked in awe,

for standing in the doorway,

it was Amanda they saw.

As she walked to the center,

she looked beautiful and fair,

but then, out of nowhere,

her face grew some hair.

She looked up at the moonlight,

and out sprung a wing.

She realized with fear,

she had forgotten one thing.

A full moon was out,

she was supposed to be in,

but it was too late.

She grew ugly new skin.

In every direction,

the men ran and screamed,

but the women stood calmly,

and plotted and schemed.

“Lets get her!” said Maggie.

“Attack!” yelled Nahreen.

And they all jumped on Amanda

in a violent mob scene.

Though they outnumbered Amanda,

they were scratched and bitten.

Then, suddenly,

Amanda turned into a kitten.

The black kitten ran,

but the women let her go.

They had had enough

of that magic-ridden show.

But something in the women

had changed that night,

for they went home with the men

without putting up a fight.

Then all the women took their men,

who had completely no suspicion,

and devoured them after mating

to complete Amanda’s mission.


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