DREAM: I killed people wrong

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Dreams

I worked for this mafia group headed by Jude Law and some other guy.  We had an apartment-like room in an inn.  My mafia bosses wanted me to kill the next couple that came in.

It was this really fat couple. Who were very nice.  Once they went to unpack their stuff, I attacked them – separately.  First, I stabbed the husband, over and over, and blood squirted everywhere. He fell to the ground, but was not dead.

Thrown off, I then jumped to the woman, who had just come out of the bathroom.  I furiously stabbed her.  She bled all over the place, but did not die.

I tried again, stabbing her numerous times. She fell to the ground, and I continued to work at it, with all my muscle.  She got back up again and angrily said, “If you’re gonna kill us, at least do it right!” She took the knife from me and showed me how to stab more effectively.

I tried again, on both the man and woman, but they still would not die.  The woman was furious at me and coached me through it some more.

“My bosses are gonna kill me,” I thought.  Blood covered the place – the floor, the walls, the couple, and even me.  I stabbed like I never stabbed before (I hadn’t), but made little progress.

I felt like such a failure.  I’ve done so many other things wrong throughout my life.  Now I can’t even stab someone right.

Then I woke up.

Special thanks to Rush Hour 3 and Cop Out for inspiring this dream.  Watched both that night.


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