DREAM: Demi Lovato, Titantic, Lasagna, Pee in My Car, and Punching an Asian Guy

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Dreams

Recap of several dreams over the last few weeks.

1) I planned Demi Lovato’s birthday and then called her to explain the details to her, and see if she approved.  She was being a weirdo teenage girl and giggling too much. – Then I woke up.

2) My boss was at my house, trying to get me to confess “what I did” to my parents (I don’t know what I did). Then my house suddenly began sinking into water, and turned into the Titanic (but still my house).  I couldn’t find my boss, but I saw my family in the water and pulled them out, one by one.

I couldn’t find my dad, though, and all I could do or think about was looking for him to pull him out.  I was freaking out, but I knew I would find him.  Then I saw him, and went to get him.  – Then I woke up.

3) Some Christmas Carolers came to our home. They were singing at our door, but I was mad because I didn’t like carolers, so instead of giving them money, I told my mom I was gonna give them lasagna (she had made it for dinner).  My mom said she had already put a little “surprise” for them in each lasagna piece.

Then this guy from my high school was suddenly there, and was giving us props for being creative.  He thought we were cool and wanted to stay and hang out, so I gave him a soda. – Then I woke up.

4) The guy I liked peed all over the inside of my car.  In zig-zag lines, everywhere.  I was really mad.  His best friend told me about it.  His best friend was the bad guy from “Kindergarten Cop” – the dude with the ponytail.  I yelled at the peeing guy, then woke up.

5) There was some work party in a giant house, late at night with a full moon.  I was in a room with this Asian guy who kept grabbing me, and put his hand up my skirt, so I got mad and beat the crap out of him.  I beat him up bad.

One guy from work saw me, but he only saw me beating the Asian guy up. He went and started telling everyone I work with, one by one, not to be friends with me because I was a bully.  I finally caught up to him and told him that I beat the Asian guy up because he was groping me and put his hand up my skirt.  The guy said, “oooooooh, okay” and then, “well, good for you.”  – Then I woke up.


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